Miami 5 wall paintingAfter 16 years of unjust imprisonment in US jails all of the Miami Five are now free and at home with their families in Cuba. On Wednesday 17 December, Cuba and the United States announced that a prisoner exchange would take place which would see Antonio, Gerardo and Ramon released and back home in  Cuba.

This is wonderful news for the Five, their families and friends, all the thousands of peoples throughout the world who campaigned for who campaigned for their release and the Cuban people themselves..

It is to be hoped that this is the beginning of the end of the past fifty year's policy of aggression and blockade, and ushers in the start of friendly relations between the two countries.

President Raul Castro and President Obama announced the beginning of the normalisation of relations between Cuba and the US.

Raul said, " We have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations,but this does not mean that the main issue has been resolved, the Blockade that generates economic losses and humanitarian problems in our country must stop."

Elaine Smith, Convener of the Cross Party Group on Cuba in the Scottish Parliament said "I am delighted that the remaining three Miami Five detainees have been released following their unfair detention.  I hope that following this miscarriage of justice they are reunited with their families as quickly as possible. Their fifteen year incarceration has been inhumane and intolerable for the Five and their families and I am hopeful that this reported start of normalising diplomatic ties will pave the way to seeing an end to the economic blockade.  This decision is long overdue”

Many, many thanks to our members and supporters, along with others across the world for their work for the Release of the Five, and an end to the Blockade.