The Scottish Cuba Solidarity Campaign, in partnership with Scottish Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, ran another annual Scottish Latin America Conference at the end of 2014.

Video of speakers from that successful and wide-ranging event are now available free to watch online.


Building Alternatives to Capitalism in Latin America

Dr Francisco Dominguez of Cuba Solidarity & Venezuela Solidarity Campaigns.


Women, violence and social progress in El Salvador

Mo Hume of Glasgow University gives an introduction into the context of violence against women in El Salvador.
Morena Herrera, campaigner for women's rights in El Salvador, reveals her insights into the needs of reproductive rights in the region & the work that still needs to be done to improve them.


Vickie Knox of the Central American Women's Network: promoting women's rights and gender equality


People's agenda on Climate Change from Caracas to the COP in Lima

Jamie Peters from UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)


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